Treatments Keizers Mondzorg

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Since we focus on prevention, dental hygiene plays an important role. Our patients visit the dental hygienist every…
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Children at the dental hygienist

Children at the dental hygienist Our team is very experienced treating children. They can get acquainted with the dental hygienist…
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Dental hygienist anxiety

Dental hygienist anxiety It is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is very trying. If you are afraid of…
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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening Beautiful white teeth – some people have them naturally, others don’t. There are several ways to whiten your…
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Gum treatments

Gum treatments A healthy mouth starts with healthy gums. But gums are vulnerable and plaque and calculus can cause inflammations.…
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Collaboration with experts

Collaboration with experts We work together with various renowned experts, such as dentists and orthodontists. Moreover, if desired, we can…
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