We have a new telephone number!

From now on, the Keizers Mondzorg Zuidas team can be reached on our new telephone number: 020-2268314

We are happy to assist you at our location in the WTC on the Zuidas at Strawinskylaan 227 in Amsterdam. Our top specialists are happy to help you achieve radiantly white and healthy teeth. Hopefully see you soon!

Oral hygiene

Our dental hygienists specialize in the prevention and treatment of gum problems, caries and erosion.

Dental cleaning

Keeping your teeth clean will prevent gum problems and cavities.


If something is wrong, our experts will see it immediately and you will be referred to your dentist if necessary.

Keizers Mondzorg

Keizers Mondzorg is a practice run by Marie-Anne van Lexmond, focusing on maintaining good dental health in order to keep dental problems at bay. This is important, because good overall health starts with a healthy mouth.

By keeping your teeth clean, gum problems and cavities are prevented. Dental hygiene plays an important role in this preventive method. Marie-Anne van Lexmond and her team are happy to help you obtain beautiful white and healthy teeth.

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