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Keizers Mondzorg

' We focus on maintainng your dental health '

Keizers Mondzorg is a practice run by Marie-Anne van Lexmond, focusing on maintaining good dental health in order to keep dental problems at bay. This is important, because good overall health starts with a healthy mouth. By keeping your teeth clean, gum problems and cavities are prevented. Dental hygiene plays an important role in this preventive method.

Our dental hygienists are specialised in preventing and treating gum problems, caries and dental erosion. They will explain what attention your teeth need, how to brush most effectively and why flossing and using tooth picks and interdental brushes is so important. We advise to come by for a dental cleaning every four months. If there is a problem, our experts will notice immediately and if necessary refer you to your dentist.

Marie-Anne van Lexmond and her team are happy to help you obtain beautiful white and healthy teeth.